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Searching for clothes for baby girls I found the style Mommy & Me. By coincidence, I saw today in the subway a mother and daughter dressed in the same clothes, a very cute scene. In Popopieshop you will find many trendy options to match your family. See how this trend came about and fun pieces to match:

Flower Pattern Mom Girl Matching Dress 

  • Mommy & Me Clothing:
    In childhood, there is that magical identification between mother and daughter, in which the girl begins to mirror herself and want to do everything the same, including dressing, putting on her mother's shoes, who has never done that? That's what happens in fashion Mommy & Me: both wearing accessories and even clothes the same.

    One of the first famous people to join this trend was actress Angelina Jolie. In 2007, she and her daughter emerged parading through a New York park with a white bag of the same model. The daughter's accessory was smaller, but identical to the mother's. It didn't take long for other famous ones to follow the trend in the United States and also in Brazil. Fashion soon came to clothes and many moms have taken advantage of special occasions, such as parties and events, or even everyday life to join in the fun and dress like their daughters.

  • Colorful florals:
    The floral prints to wear with the daughter gives it a country and festive feel and is more suitable for wearing at outdoor events during the day. Not to mention that colorful prints bring movement and energy to the composition.


 Printed Pattern Mom Girl Matching Apron
  • Occasions:
    There are many ways for you and your little one to experience this trend and have fun together. The coolest part is that it can be put into practice by mothers and daughters of all ages and on different occasions: from a children's party to a walk outdoors or on a family shopping trip and even inside your home.

  • Apron:
    Use the apron as an extra accessory in the kitchen and match it with your daughter. This duo promises the art of making food more fun. It is an exchange of experiences between generations with the fashion trend.

Fashion Plaid Mom Girl Matching Cloak

  • Cloaks:
    With temperatures dropping, there's nothing better than warming up with warm clothes that are making a big hit on the streets, right? The fashion is to wear Cloak or Poncho, a traditional South American garment, which was widely used in rural areas.

    As it is a very versatile piece, you can use it both on colder days, putting a coat underneath, as on milder days, with a t-shirt or even a dress underneath. A great option for a very feminine and even charming production is the checkered poncho. Combining mother and daughter there is no way to resist so much cuteness.

Are so many options of mommy and me outfits

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Lucimar da Silva Moreira disse...

Que lindos os looks simplesmente uma graça, adoro looks que combina com mãe e filha adorei as peças,bjs.

Daiane Frazão disse...

Nossa que fofura gente, eu mãe de duas meninas, fiquei como? Querendo tudo kkk

Alécia Magalhães disse...

Que peças lindas...mãe e filha ficou encantadora
Alécia, Blog Arrojada Mix

Luisa Reginatto disse...

Que peças lindas! É realmente uma loja muito bacana, encantadora e com boas opções.

Erika Monteiro disse...

Oie, tudo bem? Ah, acho tão fofinhos looks mãe e filha combinandinho. Ainda não tinha avental só pijamas. Um abraço, Érika =^.^=

Miriam tonon disse...

Eu tenho duas filhas e nunca consegui encontrar roupas mãe e filha que combinassem nossos estilos, mas amei os aventais combinando!

Lara Kneip disse...

Aaaah, eu acho super fofo ver essas combinações de mãe e filha *.* Minha cunhada e minha sobrinha sempre que podem saem combinando e eu acho super legal!!! Gostei de conhecer essa loja :3
Beijão! ♥

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Jeane Carneiro disse...

Não conhecia a loja, que legal.
Tenho vontade de fazer um look combinado com meu garoto.