Menswear t-shirts

Men's clothing can look like something basic, without too much diversity and more of the same. When paying attention to details, I notice that there are several types of shirt collars, see discount men's clothing

 A basic shirt with a different collar can have a positive impact on the look, making it more elegant. In addition, one model can be more comfortable than the other and better adapt to a certain look or season. The collars are present in pieces of Soinyou such as shirts, t-shirts, blouses, sweaters:


Round Neck Short Sleeve t-shirt

Round or Bald Collar
It's the most common collar on shirts, perfectly contouring the base of the neck. It has elasticity to allow the head to pass, as it is more closed. This creates a t-shirt shape that gives the impression of broader shoulders. This design favors tall and skinny guys.

Lightweight Short Sleeve V-Neck t-shirt

With a generally thinner finish, it has more room to go over the head, with the V-shaped design advancing towards the chest. The size of the V can vary in size. It highlights the chest region in full-bodied men, elongates the neck and consequently the silhouette in short or fat men, that is, it is very democratic!

Cotton And Linen Shirt

The name of this type of necklace already indicates its shape, with the middle wider, decreasing at the ends, like a canoe seen from above. The finish can be more elegant or just a simple cut into the fabric to make it look very casual. Best for men with muscular shoulders, although there is no impediment for any other biotype.


work polo shirts

The polo neck is one of the most stylish men's shirts on the list. If you want to look better dressed without formal attire, jeans with a polo shirt work well. Curiosity: it is a legacy of the 20s and who popularized the model at the time was the founding tennis player of the Lacoste brand, which later shook the model in the 70s was the Ralph Lauren brand.


Classic Military Henley Shirt

The henley shirt is perhaps the only piece with buttons to appear on this list. It is a mix of round collar with central opening with buttons. This makes it very versatile, as it can be worn buttoned or open to show a little more skin and lengthen the neck.


Turtleneck Long-sleeved Casual Sweater

Turtleneck Shirt
Much appreciated in cold countries, the collar covers the neck to chin height, folding back to the base of the neck, creating a second layer of fabric. Ideal for those with a thin and/or long neck. Those with short stature can wear it, preferably with colors or prints that elongate the silhouette.

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Lucimar da Silva Moreira disse...

Muito lindas as peças bastante confortáveis, o público masculino vai adorar bjs.

Open Kloset By Karina disse...

Olá, Tudo bem? Gostei das peças:) Vou ver para o meu namorado:) Muito Obrigada Bjs Karina

Renir Fonseca disse...

não conhecia a loja, mas as peças são lindas, aquele básicos que fazem a diferença no total look

Andrea disse...

Bem bonitas as peças, algumas parecem bem frescas para o verão.