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 The new year is the period when many people aim to take care of their health and exercise. For this, renewing the sports wardrobe can be a form of motivation to move more. The main reason is that appropriate clothing increases self-confidence and, consequently, the mood to do the activity. Also when you buy something new, the idea is to use it, and not leave it still or stored. 

 When starting to practice some physical activity, it is important to carefully choose the clothes that will be used as they directly influence the quality and results of the exercises. Not only the top clothes, but the bottom clothes must be adequate like
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AirWear Long Sleeve & High-Waist Legging Set

 Leggings, because they are very versatile and comfortable, win the hearts of all sportsmen, whether they attend gyms, go for walks or practice any other type of physical activity. They can be used in any season of the year and are more seen in the cold seasons, as they keep the body warm, without losing elegance. These pants can be worn with t-shirts, tops or croppeds. It is possible to create many looks. 

Fitness fashion sets are basically made up of leggings and cropped with an exposed belly. Croppeds can have long or short sleeves. Set colors are usually monochromatic. The use of a third piece is very welcome, such as a jacket.

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Going to the gym with just leggings and a baggy t-shirt is a thing of the past. In current times, clothes suitable for this purpose are increasingly modern, full of details and combinations of pieces. In addition to training, people also take pictures in front of the mirror and even go out in the street wearing sports clothes, with yours yoga sets

AirWear Sports Bra & Bike Shorts Set

Bermuda and shorts are the second most used items in gyms. Because they are comfortable and fresh, they are ideal for hot days, as they allow for greater perspiration and keep the body's joints free to carry out physical exercise movements. The big difference is the length, where in the first is slightly longer, reaching just above the knee. In the second, the length is relatively short, staying above the middle of the thigh.

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The gym top is a piece created to wear in general sports activities and even outings with friends. We cannot forget its importance, which was made to bring safety to the breasts in the practice of physical exercises, in addition to being very stylish with so many different shapes and colors.

The colors vibrant and vivid will go with everything, leaving aside that basic everyday look. But if you go for a more discreet line, the good news is that neutral colors are also on the rise, but in a reinvented way. The classic colors of the fitness world such as: navy blue, black and gray are still in evidence, but will appear in pieces with textured fabrics, bringing a more modern and cool touch. 

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