Want more defined curves? Shapewear

They are lingerie items capable of thinning the waist, hiding the belly, back fat, lifting the breasts and enhancing the hips, they also help with posture, among other benefits. In the long term, the shaping belt helps in the process of weight loss and measures.

There are several types and models, even full body shapewear. There are no rules to adopt one of these pieces, but it is important to know that is an ally that can help us feel more secure and comfortable inside that wonderful dress or with tight jeans, see:

All Day Invisible Bodysuit Shaper | Color: Black, Sandstone
  • Bodysuit
    The bodysuit is the most complete piece you will find, it can be like a bathing suit or a jumpsuit with legs to the knees. It may or not have bulge, in addition to having varied necklines in the back. The body has the advantage of creating a more harmonious overall look, providing a feeling of security and firmness. It can also be used as a regular bodysuit in place of a top or blouse.

Nilit™ Plus Size Sculpting Short High Rise | Color: Sienna, Umber, Cocoa, Black

  • Short
    The great advantage of modeling shorts is that also helps to firm the legs, also preventing cellulite from appearing under tighter clothes. Like some panties, it may or not have padding in the butt. For those with thick thighs, it also prevents friction between them, which could cause injuries. It is usually worn with dresses and skirts.

Side Straps High Rise Butt Lifter | Color: Black, Sandstone

  • Strap
    Very popular among women, resembles a corset, with the advantage of being very comfortable, as it features high compression fabric. This piece shapes and thins the waist region, in addition to improving posture, leaving a straighter back. Models vary in size and can also be used after surgery and childbirth. In gyms, it became a craze to use it to practice exercises, helping to eliminate abdominal fat faster.

Plus Size Lace Full Body Shapewear | Color: Sandstone, Black
  • Plus Size
    plus size body shaper can and should be sensual, with transparencies and lace. It is essential that you feel comfortable using. It should be the right size, allow the skin to breathe and you can maintain your routine normally. In addition, the accessory must be used correctly. Give preference to wear during the day and for a not too long period.

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Lucimar da Silva Moreira disse...

Lindas peças de lingerie, as peças ficam perfeita no corpo da mulher, os modelos são bem confortáveis, gostei muito dos modelos, bjs.

Joana D'arc disse...

Eu adorei as peças são maravilhosas :) as cintas deixam o corpo lindo