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 Ninacloak is an online women's clothing store with various options of dresses, sweaters, pants, shoes and more. It's a brand that brings together the latest women's fashion clothing and accessories. with worldwide delivery.

With a winter arrival, the low temperatures call for warmer and cozier looks. Combining quality and most popular products at affordable prices, I selected some options that
are always on the rise, also telling a little of their history in fashion, to
cheap womens clothing online

Round Neck Polka Dot Shift Dress | Red, Creamy White | M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL

  • Since the 50's being successful, the poá is a fashion classic that makes beautiful in all occasions. If in the past the traditional polka dot print was limited to black and white, over the years it has gained new colors and dimensions. Also known as petit-pois and polka dot.

Zips Plain Shirts & Blouses | Red Wine, Black, Grass Green and others |
S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4Xl, 5XL
  • There are some theories about the emergence of the neckline. It is believed to have been in Ancient Greece to facilitate breastfeeding. It is also known that the oldest clothing in the world, found in Egypt, is a dress with pleats and a V-neck. With time and the realization of the sensual appeal of the neckline, gained space in women's clothing at royal balls. Regarding current times, in the mid-20s, a time of much revolution in women's clothing, the boldness of the neckline gradually reappeared. The above model can be adjusted with zipper, according to personal taste.

Bowknot loose all-match high waist casual pant | Avocado Green, Black |
S, M, L, XL, 2XL
  • The jogging pants, that sport chic model with elasticated in the waist and ankles, have a sporty feel that was successful in the 80s. It came back once and for all and it couldn't have been a better time, because now we don't have more excuses to feel sloppy indoors. Even after this phase of social isolation is over, you will want to continue wearing.

Autumn Spring Polyester Women V-Neck Color Block Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirts |
White, Black | S, M, L, XL, 2XL

  • In the Middle Ages, stripes were intended for the clothing of people banned from society, such as prisoners and Jews in concentration camps. Meanings changed over time and vertical stripes came to be used by the aristocracy, while horizontal ones were used by serfs. His popularity changed with designer Coco Chanel who, looking at the uniforms of French sailors, was inspired and created clothes for himself with these patterns. From then on, they didn't go out of style anymore, especially the horizontal striped shirt, which is a classic.
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Lucimar da Silva Moreira disse...

Que lindas as peças bastante estilosas e confortáveies, a loja tem peças maravilhosas, bjs.

Open Kloset By Karina disse...

Olá Querida, Tudo bem?
Adorei as peças, são lindas:)
Não conhecia a loja mas adoro:)
bjs Karina

Joana D'arc disse...

eu adorei as peças :D são lindas e de qualidade, essa loja tem preços otimos